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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11am-7pm (face-to-face & online)
Friday: 11am-4pm (face-to-face & online)

Call us at the following phone number for immediate assistance from our virtual front desk. This number changes throughout the day and is currently: 973-655-7442. If you have problems connecting to WiFi, please consider these resources: MSU: Internet Access and Hotspot.

NUMBER OF APPOINTMENTS PER WEEK: CWE appointments are limited to two appointments, per person, per week.
– Only one appointment of two can be extended to 50 minutes.
– Writers can schedule appointments up to 4 weeks in advance. Writers may drop in for additional sessions as explained below.

DROP-IN APPOINTMENTS: Drop-in appointments can be scheduled 15 minutes in advance when there is an available opening. To schedule a drop-in, call the phone number posted below.
–  Drop-ins are 25 minutes only.
–  One drop-in, per writer, per day.

If you need help while we are closed, many helpful resources are available on our Digital Dashboard:

How to access previous appointment notes

Past appointments can be reviewed any time until the end of the semester. Comments made in the chat are automatically stored as well as any edits or changes made on the whiteboard.
--Both the chat and the whiteboard are confidential spaces; the CWE will not share the contents of your appointment with anyone except you.

TIP: During your appointments (including face-to-face and Zoom sessions), make notes on the whiteboard so they are saved for you. You will be able to return to them later and don’t have to worry about losing them.


Here are the steps to return to a previous appointment. If you need assistance, please call us and we can help you over the phone: 973-655-7442.

1. Sign into the CWE schedule.

2. Click on the calendar icon in the first blue line of the schedule.

3. Use the left arrow on the calendar to go back to a previous month

4. Next, select the day of your appointment. If you don’t know the exact date, call us or check week by week. Your appointments will appear in orange, so they are easy to spot.

5. After you click on your orange appointment, the appointment box will pop up. Click the red START OR JOIN ONLINE CONSULTATION link to reopen your past appointment. (This does not start a new appointment if you are on a previous day/time.)

6. A screen will open showing the whiteboard space from your session, as well as the chat. If you don’t see your chat on the right side of the screen, click the CHAT box in the lower right side corner.

7. Close out the screen when you are finished reviewing your session.

ZOOM option now available!

Appointments are now available with the option to Zoom. Make sure to select YES when you schedule your appointment if you prefer to talk with your consultant through Zoom. If you select NO, your online appointment will take place entirely through the chat interface here in WCOnline.

How to Zoom with the CWE:

1. Log in here: and click on your appointment.
2. Click on the red "Start or join online consultation" link.
3. Chat with your consultant to let them know you are ready for the appointment to start. 
4. Your consultant will then send you a Zoom link. 
5. Please note that if you choose the Zoom option, there will not be a saved transcript of your appointment. We recommend taking your own notes during the session. 
Call us at the following phone number for immediate assistance from our virtual front desk. This number changes throughout the day and is currently:  973-655-7442. If you have problems connecting to WiFi, please consider these resources: MSU: Internet Access and Hotspot.

ALL CANCELLATIONS must be made THE NIGHT BEFORE your appointment; the DEADLINE to cancel is 11:59 pm. 

After 2 SAME DAY CANCELLATIONS or 1 MISSED APPOINTMENT AND 1 SAME-DAY CANCELLATION, your account will be disabled for one month. A third Late Cancellation or Missed Appointment will disable your account for the rest of the semester. No exceptions.

After 2 MISSED APPOINTMENTS/NO-SHOWS, your account will be disabled for the entire semester.


  • Any scheduled future appointments will be cancelled
  • You can still have appointments but on a DROP-IN BASIS ONLY.  Call the phone number on this page when the center is open to see if a drop-in session is available.
  • Your account is restored at the end of the semester (or after one month for 2 late cancellations).

If you need assistance with our schedule or accessing your online appointment, call the CWE:  973-655-7442.

See our website for more info:


1) Log in to your account the same way you scheduled your appointment.

2) Click on your appointment on the scheduled time and date. (Make sure to allow pop-ups for this website!)

3) In the middle of the appointment box you will see START OR JOIN ONLINE CONSULTATION in red letters. Click that link.

4) The online session screen will open. If you have not already attached your piece of writing to your appointment box, you can now upload it copy & paste into the center of your screen.

5) In the lower right corner is the chat box; type your questions and comments there. You will see your chat dialogue with your consultant on the right side directly above the chat box.
--If you have chosen the Zoom option, your consultant will send you the Zoom link in the chat.

If you have any problems or questions about logging in for your online appointment, call the CWE for immediate assistance: 973-655-7442. If you have problems connecting to WiFi, please consider these resources: MSU: Internet Access and Hotspot.  

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